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University Leadership

University Leadership

Dr. Shobhit Kumar

Dr. Shobhit Kumar is the Chairman of Shobhit University and the Managing Trustee of NICE Society. He is a visionary social worker. He is involved in rural development, through providing employment oriented technical education and medical facilities to Below Poverty Line families & others in the rural areas where there was no facility of such nature was available since independence. By virtue of his vision of developing institutions and hospital in these areas a direct impact is achieved in generation of economic activities i.e. increase in standard of living and some people who have been migrated from their villages for search of job now they are coming back to see the more employment opportunities in their native villages.

Dr. Shobhit Kumar is also the Managing Trustee of Shri J.P. Mathur Charitable Trust.

The Trust is a social voluntary organisation serving nation through its various activities since its establishment, under the guidance of Shri Lal Krishna Advani Ji and Shri Arun Jaitley Ji along with other trustees. (To know more)

Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra

Kunwar Shekhar is the Chancellor of Shobhit University and Executive Trustee of NICE Society. Apart from the routine activities, he is also looking towards developing the academic and skill development centers globally, especially in the countries having a strong Indian Diaspora. To reach out rural youth of all backgrounds, skills and education levels through job oriented technical vocational education, training & skill development different community colleges are being established in rural areas on his initiative.

Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra is a strong believer in communal harmony and national integrity. He is very actively involved with a number of social organizations working in this direction. He is an honorary Advisor at Citizen’s Commission for Dialogue, Justice and Reconciliation, India.

He is an active member and Advisor of Gandhi Peace Mission 2015 too. Acknowledging his efforts in social areas he has been honored and been awarded a number of recognitions including Loins International Award for Selfless Service to Humanity. As the Patron of Indian Body Building, his efforts to promote Body Building in India have been recognized by Asia Body Building & Fitness Federation, Singapore. He has widely traveled in India and to USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, UAE, Mauritius etc to participate in various professional, social and diplomatic activities. Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra is an avid reader, keen learner, social speaker, occasional poet and a daydreamer! (To know more)