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37 National Annual Conference of Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists (Nov 3-6) at Shobhit University Meerut


37th Annual Conference of Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists (November 03-06, 2016) is supported by DST, ICMR, DRDO, AYUSH and other professional bodies.

Students, alumni and other professionals willing to attend this important conference may Contact Conference Secretary Prof (Dr) Jayanand on 09557577754.

In the present human civilization, each individual, irrespective of age, gender, social and economic strata, is equally exposed to the demands of the modern society at different levels on a daily basis. Radical and far-reaching changes in lifestyle away from the conservative and conventional way of living along with massive work load has not only given birth to diverse modern illnesses but also made each individual prone to a unique set of maladies that is personalized, depending upon unique conditions, needs and circumstances. This has caused severe detrimental effects on the overall well being of a person. In such a scenario it has become imperative to target the overall health of the person and not just the remedial measures of the particular disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) also defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being” and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Integrated Biomedicine is one such approach that puts the patient at the center and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect the person’s health. It targets to restore and sustain the well being and health of the persons over the complete lifespan rather than focusing on the treatment of a specific disease condition. Such ambitious objectives can be fulfilled by employing one or more of medical interventions from an array of scientific disciplines to heal illness, diseases and help people to regain and maintain optimum health.

The Conference theme is dedicated exclusively to discuss and to deliberate on various issues pertinent to the on-going research activities in different biomedical fields and their potential role towards enhancement of traditional systems of medicine in order to provide an integrated therapy for welfare of humans. The deliberations will focus on various Indian systems of traditional medicinal systems such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy and Naturopathy for effective treatment strategies.

Emphasis shall be given on the identification of novel biomarkers that may aid in the development of advanced and effective therapeutic agents. Recent researches and discoveries in the field of biological markers that is helpful in the diagnostics and therapeutics of conventional as well as contemporary diseases shall be in the spotlight. The conference shall address the diverse roles of biomedical engineering and its outcomes that are providing a helping hands to those in need. Several biomedical engineered products are constantly being developed that are aimed to bestow a normal lifestyle to the especially abled individuals. However due to dearth of awareness among the general mass about such biomedical products, the people in need are compelled to live a secluded and deprived life and are excluded from the mainstream of the society. On a different note, different biomedical instruments are being developed that are bringing the diagnostics and therapeutics at our doorsteps, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers. The conference shall try to bring forth the awareness regarding majority of such biomedical devices and instruments to lime- lights.

Further, a session shall be dedicated towards elucidation of various methods that are deployed for monitoring the efficacy and safety of traditional and natural systems of medicine as well as for the validation and standardization of instruments used in traditional medicines. Such scrutiny of consistency in the performance is imperative and should be a routine affair in medical establishments. Finally discussions will be held upon the challenges and future prospects of biomedicine and healthcare that may pave the path for future researches in healthcare sectors. In the nutshell, this conference will provide ample opportunities to various renowned practitioners, students, researchers working in different sectors of healthcare and to discuss materials-related strategies for betterment of health and disease remediation. Further, this conference will offer an innovative, solution-driven platform for physicians and healthcare practitioners, researchers, students, policy maker and patients to collectively exchange as well as discuss research and their findings in the field of integrated biomedicine and nutrition and collectively on the vision of science, economics and education for optimal healthcare.

Registration & Reception Committee

  • Dr. Parul Sharma
  • Dr. L. M. Sharma
  • Mr. Mridul Vaish
  • Ms. Vandana Kanyal
  • Mr. Jitendra Jadon
  • Ms. Vipula Sharma

Food & Hospitality Committee

  • Dr. Jyoti Sharma
  • Dr. Vijay Maheshwari
  • Dr. Sonali Gangwar
  • Dr. Deepika Aggarwal
  • Mr. Rupesh Kumar
  • Mr. Vikas Kumar

Souvenir Committee

  • Dr. Mayadatt Joshi
  • Dr. Neeraj Singhal
  • Dr. Maneesha Rastogi
  • Dr. Neha Yajurvedi
  • Dr. Ruchi Tyagi
  • Ms. Anvesha Sinha

Workshop Committee

  • Dr. Kanwaljit Singh Ahuja
  • Dr. Rekha Dixit
  • Dr. Mamta Bansal
  • Dr. Neha Singh
  • Dr. Puneet Mishra
  • Ms. Shiva Sharma

Travel & Accommodation Committee

  • Dr. Anil Kumar
  • Dr. Saurabh Sharma
  • Mr. Aditya Pundhir
  • Mr. Rajesh Pandey
  • Mr. Rajkishore
  • Mr. Aniket Kumar
  • Ms. Anuradha

Press & Media Communication

  • Dr. Anita Rathore
  • Mr. Abhishek Dabbas
  • Mr. Jay Ganesh Tripathi
  • Mr. Priyank Bharti

Finance Committee

  • Mr. Deepak Goyal
  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Gosh
  • Ms. Beena Rawat
  • Mr. Aadarsh

Technical Committee

  • Mahamandaleshwar Maartand Puri
  • Prof. R. G. Singhal
  • Prof. S. K. Pathak
  • Prof. A. K. Sharma
  • Prof. D. S. Rao
  • Prof. Indu Rekha Tripathi
  • Dr. Jyoti Sharma
  • Dr. Maya Datt Joshi


  • Dr. Mahipal Singh
  • Dr. A. K. Gupta
  • Dr. S.S. Chauhan
  • Dr. Vipin Tyagi
  • Dr. Yogesh Awasthi
  • Dr. (Md.) Zahiruddin
  • Dr. Ashwini Kumar
  • Dr. J.K. Rana


  • Dr. Chitranshu Saxena
  • Dr. Kusharga Goyal
  • Dr. Sunil Jawla
  • Dr. Aarif Naseer
  • Dr. S. D. Pandey
  • Mr. Pawan Kumar

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