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Shobhit University Firmly believes in “Empowering through Education” and to realize its commitment offers merit based scholarships to deserving applicants

Awards range from partial tuition to full tuition fee. All applicants (domestic and international) are considered for merit-based scholarships.

Scholarships are based on your –

Shobhit University National Scholarship cum Entrance Test (SUNET)

Shobhit University provides an excellent industry interaction to its students. Students have opportunities to talk and interact with people from top industries of country. Our student exchange programmes, industry tie-ups facilitates our students to get the right exposure to work in a multi-cultural environment, with strong emphasis on team-based learning methods.

Strong Alumni Base

Shobhit University is a pioneer institution in offering management education in north india and has been running successfully its’ MBA programme since 1995. The University has a very strong Alumni Base, working in fortune 500 companies in India and abroad. This provides a strong link for Placements in leading corporates

SUNET Score Scholarship Amount
More than (>) 95% 40% of Tuition Fee
More than (>) 85% 30% of Tuition Fee
More than (>) 75% 20% of Tuition Fee

Participation in sports / extra-curricular activities at national / international level.

Adarsh Vidyadhan Samman Scholarships

A special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for Girl Candidates, Candidates from the North Eastern states.

Babu Vijendra Shourya Samman Scholarships

A special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for Wards of Defence Personnel. The wards of Martyrs shall be provided gratitude scholarship upto 50% of Tuition Fee.

Chancellor’s Scholarships

A special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for Alumni applying for admission in Shobhit University programs 2017.

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All the above criteria plays an important role in deciding the scholarship and none is more important than other. The credentials and achievements of applicants are considered holistically. In case you have not scored well in SU Admission Test or qualifying academic exams but if you have something solid to offer (maybe not as impressive as an Olympic medal, but something that gives you extra points for diversity, uniqueness, etc), you can keep hopes alive.

We strongly encourage prospective students, for whom scholarships are a major decision factor, to apply for admission sooner rather than later. Funding for some scholarships is limited and will be fully awarded early in the financial aid cycle.

Best of Luck!

This scholarship scheme is applicable for all successful candidates who shall be offered an Admission in Academic Session 2017-18. Normally, scholarship, if granted, shall be available for the complete duration of the program. All Scholarships are paid by Babu Vijendra Foundation.