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Industry Engagement Initiative

A recent report published by the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has estimated that India would face 'talent gap'- the lack of right skills for the job required - of more than 5 million by 2020. The report titled, 'India's Demographic Dilemma' brings out the fact that the $1.1-trillion economy will have a shortfall of 750,000 skilled workers over the next five years.

Recognizing skills needs in the context of changing scenario around the globe, the corporate sector needs to step up to the center-stage to ensure the success. Strong industry leadership and engagement with the academic institutions and Universities is essential. The serious issue in India has been that the higher education sector and the industrial sector have worked in isolation from each other. One of the reasons behind the talent crunch is the significant industry-academia divide. This has resulted in two extremes. On one hand, the industry needs talent and on the other hand there is an abundance of engineers who don't have industry oriented necessary skills. Industry veterans term these engineers 'raw talent' and training them to make them productive is a challenge to them.

Indian Industry is investing nearly INR 6,450 crore on training their employees. Also, 45 percent of the total amount spent on training is toward skill development of new recruits. Initiatives to narrow down the industry-academia gap have to be undertaken at the industry and University level. One way of doing this is by encouraging student internships.

At Shobhit University, we understand that active engagement of the industry with the academia is vital for developing the required skills in the future professionals. To facilitate the industry in the current scenario of the skill gap on one hand and to enrich budding engineers with the industry exposure on the other hand; a one semester internship program has been incorporated in the course curriculum of engineering graduates by Shobhit University.

An internship is a wonderful and effective way to connect the acquired basic and core skills, academic knowledge by budding Engineers in the University and with the professional work arena of the industry. In this process both the industry and interns are mutually benefitted. On part of the industry it would significantly slash down the expanses to be incurred on talent hunt exercise and training of new recruits, whereas the interns will get an opportunity to further increase their potential and skills required for enhancing their employability. Moreover it will provide Best Match Hiring Opportunity to the industries, once internship is completed. A smart internship strategy is a low or no-cost investment with high potential and immediate returns.

Shobhit University invites industries and research organizations to mutually reinforce the process as active partners. It would add richness to the Industrial environment & work culture as well as our contribution to the national knowledge management endeavor.

Interns/Trainees are B.Tech. Final Semester Students of Shobhit University. They shall be available for Internship with the industry for a semester of Six months duration starting from 18th January, 2016.


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